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My keys are officially cuter than yours.

I probably got this in the mail a while ago, but I just barely checked it today. & look what I got! Hahaha, it’s a Vanilla Mochi Phonecharm. Too bad my phone sucks & doesn’t have the little thingy for me to actually use it as a phone chain, but I like it like this too. I think it’s freaking adorable & I love it so much! & I didn’t order the little bow clip, but I’m pretty sure it’s because one of the owners of the store is my cousin… LOL ;D

So if you haven’t heard of these guys, please check out Ichihan Shop! It’s all these products inspired by Korean & Japanese culture. All their stuff is priced really low! My phonechain was only $4, including shipping. They’re just starting out, so please check them out & support! Everything is freaking adorable & I’m definitely going to be buying more stuff from them. & it’s not cuz I’m biased. :D

Their links are as follows!

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